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Flush and Save water saving device about us page.

My name is Mark Jones, I ‘m the inventor of the brand new Flush and Save valve.


These water-saving valves are designed to save water and save you money, whilst helping to save the planet at the same time.

On discovering that the average amount of water used to flush a toilet is six litres, I couldn’t help but think that this is an unnecessary amount: we’re literally throwing money down the toilet! I decided to see if there was a way that I could make my flush more economical – could I save water and save money at the same time?

I initially tested what would happen when simply reducing the amount of water used to flush a toilet from the normal six litres down to three litres.  The results weren’t great:  the toilet flush was not as effective and waste would be left in the toilet after flushing.

Next I tested a reduced flush again, this time after fitting the Flush and Save valve to my toilets.  This time, the results were totally unexpected.

Having fitted the valve to all three toilets in my house, I calculated the amount of water used by monitoring the number of times toilets were flushed.  The toilets were flushed a total of 18 times in 24 hours.  With a six litre flush, this would mean a total of 108 litres of water was used over a 24 hour period in my house from flushing toilets alone.  Having fitted the Flush and Save valve, I was able to save water – 54 litres to be precise – thereby reducing the costs associated with flushing my toilet by 50%.  In addition, the Flush and Save valve provided a much cleaner, more controlled flush, leaving no trace of waste in the toilet – no different to a six litre flush! 

Using the Flush and Save valve is not only a great way to save water and save money but also to conserve energy.

Just think - every time you flush your toilet you are flushing clean drinking water away!

It is estimated that in the USA, for instance, $5 billion dollars’ worth of clean drinking water per year is used flushing toilets.  This story is repeated worldwide, but by using the Flush and Save valve, the energy, water and money can be put to far better use to help our planet.